Regarding Nicolas Calas

Regarding Nicolas Calas - Nordic Library of Athens
Nicolas Calas at the exhibition ‘Objects!’, Marian Goodman gallery, 1978 (The Elena and Nicolas Calas archive, Nordic Library at Athens)

‘Regarding Nicolas Calas’ will comprise a symposium, workshops and an exhibition that aim to reveal the interfaces, intersections, and relations between Calas’s art criticism, poetry, theoretical and philosophical writings, and his curatorial activities. The planned activities are also geared towards presenting and fostering new research on Calas’s extensive oeuvre and map his relations with other artists and critics. Calas’s interdisciplinary work is best situated at the juncture of European and American intellectual and political traditions and avant-gardism, and by foregrounding the aspects of Calas’s work that make it relevant for the present moment, this project also seeks to reactivate Calas’s critical insights and as a most fertile ground for transcultural dialogue between North American artistic and intellectual contexts and continental European intellectual traditions.

The symposium aims to attract scholars currently researching Calas’s work and related areas. The organisers also plan sessions centered on oral histories about Calas’s trajectories and collaborations. The symposium is intended to reflect upon Calas’s own interdisciplinary output, and become a platform of dialogue between critics, poets, practicing artists, as well as interdisciplinary scholars from diverse fields spanning art history and theory, politics and history, and literary studies.

The workshops will address practicing artists, students, and scholars. Based on a series of seminars, the workshop participants will be invited to produce work consulting also The Elena and Nicolas Calas archive held in The Nordic Library in Athens. The workshops aim to investigate relations and unexplored connections in Calas’s work focusing on questions of art and politics, word and image relations. The resulting work will take diverse forms, that may range from drawings and sculptures to performances and installations.

The exhibition will present the original work created by artists, and the workshop participants, as well as material, letters, and manuscripts from The Elena and Nicolas Calas archive. The opening of the exhibition will coincide with the symposium. The organisers plan to publish a catalogue with the aim of offering a timely reappraisal of Calas’s work and contexts through the new, original work, shown at the exhibition.